Thursday, May 13, 2010

FoW: Russians vs. Germans, 1944

I have the luxury of putting of batrep pics well ahead of my comrades, mainly because A) I use a lower res camera phone on the fly, and B) I don't remember any of the scenario or historical details so I'm not bound to accurate reporting! Repple Depple's Brian will crank out a thorough report, plenty of details and great pics, so consider these teaser batreps.

German infantry halftracks advance across the thoroughfare into the woods

German tanks, some equipped with flame throwers advance into the village

We had a total of five players, two on the Russian side, and three on the German side. The scenario revolved around both sides taking and holding key objective markers on the battlefield. Each turn you got to draw a random poker chip to account for the number of objectives held, these poker chips had three different amounts of points they were worth. Each player picked their individual troops from a variety of army lists with a variety of points totals. At the end of the game, objective points were added up and some kind of formula was used to calculate the difference in army list points to make it balance out in the end.

My "big guns" sat on a lone hill, protecting their objective marker

The massive 12"x12" Katusha rocket template from off-board

Armored recon cars are chased out of the woods by Russian tanks

Just a lovely, little tabletop pic...

A bridge not so far...German tanks hold another objective marker

SP artillery commence shelling while the FO does his job

All in all, it was a fun game...again. Whenever the call to arms goes out for Flames of War, I know it's always going to be a good time, both visually, and from the point of view of well thought out and constructed scenario. This is mostly the reason I was inspired to the point of jumping in head first with my own contribution to the FoW group.


  1. Gorgeous set up. FoW really is a good looking game. I'm glad there is a company out their that brought historical war gaming into the main stream (after all, we all owe 40k to it).

    I'll be watching for that BR bro.

  2. YES ! Mik congrates on hitting the FOW scene .... I knew you wouldn't let me down.