Friday, May 14, 2010

Mayhem Over Malta!

Would you like to know more?


  1. How do you rate Check your six as a set of rules?

  2. yes? What system are you using? Looks like it uses varying heights. Anything like Areodrome?

  3. Woot! Bitchen "Star Ship Troopers" reference!

  4. @John: I have nothing but good things to say about this game, it's great. Easy to learn, flexible, enjoyable, plenty of options...

    @HuronBH: Not familiar with Aerodrome. Check Your 6! is the air combat game we play around these parts, and it's mucho fun. I've seen it played with different ways to represent altitude, but the way Brian and the boys do it is the best by far.

    @25mmW: Oh yeah!

  5. @John: I love Check Your 6! and find it to be the best combination of playability and realism I've found in an air combat game (or any other game type really). Scott Fisher and the other guys who designed the rules have really worked to incorporate as much flight modeling into the game as is needed to capture the right feel (e.g. an energy fighter like a P-38 will play differently than a dogfighter like a Zero) and they've made the playsheets and such really easy to use. Even new guys to our games are flying their planes without assistance within a couple of turns.

    Check Your 6! is played with varying heights, typically 6 altitude bands. In addition, the combat takes place within one of several broader altitude bands (as determined by the scenario). the relative dive or climb rates of the aircraft determine whether you can safely leave a combat by diving or climbing. So in games in the Pacific for example, the Americans can usually dive away and exit the battle of the "bottom" of the table while the Japanese can almost always climb out the "top".

    I haven't played Aerodrome myself, but I have seen it at cons. I'd say that conceptually, CY6! is going to be similar in terms of plotting your coming move, etc.

    I have made the 3-D stands in the picture because I like to visually show the altitude (it's eye candy, but also makes it easier for the players to visualize what's going on), but you can easily use stands of a single height and display the altitude with dice or dials.

  6. Thanks for the info people. I am currently playing Bag The Hun.