Saturday, May 8, 2010


Future War Commander by Peter Andrew Jones, Specialist Military Publishing

So I finally broke down and picked this up, just got it in the post today (err, the day I typed this). Thanks to Jason picking up my Arcane Legions loot not too long ago, I was able to juggle some funds. It's not the cheapest rulebook, but from everything I've read from other players, it does seem to be the 'new hotness' so to speak in large scale, manageable sci-fi.

Many things attracted me to FWC, the first of which is 'buildable' units using a points system. This way I know I can use pretty much whatever kind of models I get my hands on. If I don't feel like working the stats up on my own, there's TONS of pre-statted armies in the book covering many, many of the major sci-fi manufacturers out there. There's also included variant rules for skirmish scale conflicts, and I believe no less than twelve scenarios. It's also full color, came with a separate reference sheet, blah, blah, blah. I'll do a proper review soon.

With the sun setting on my Vikings, it's time to switch gears to the next project in the queue. If I'm not mistaken, it's 15mm sci-fi...hmm, the timing here couldn't be better!


  1. A system I want myself, looking forward to what you post.


  2. What about 15mm WW Mik ?!?!?! lol ..... I know how the painting que can be large ....

  3. @abhorsen950: No problem, after a few thumb-throughs and a little more in-depth reading, I must say it's living up to the hype so far. More to come, definitely...

    @Joe: Dude, it's coming, trust me! :)

  4. I received a copy of this from a friend but have yet to have a chance to play it. I look forward to seeing what you think.

  5. Guess I'll have to start pricing some 15mm sci fi....
    I don't have a problem, I can stop whenever I want.

  6. @Eli: Good to hear from you, you've been off the radar mein freunde!

    @Flounder: Sheesh, you? A problem? Never! But yeah, start looking around; Khurasan and Rebel Minis both instantly come to mind among many others...

  7. ...and duh, Critical Mass and GZG.

  8. Got my order for Future War Commander in over at!