Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deathwatch Brother Elyas, assembled

After gathering all the pieces, I assembled Brother Elyas and he's now ready for priming, then painting. Normally assembly isn't a big deal, but this guy was a bit more tedious than most. Cutting away the plastic pieces to fit at the right angles was easy, but I also pinned them to the metal torso which added more work. Pinning the feet to the base was a cinch, and everything else went on in a snap. Removing the old metal head was a trick, but the Dremel does wonders, just make sure you wear goggles. Seriously, I had tiny sliver of red hot metal spraying me all in the face. I was able to use all of the parts I had set aside too, which was nice, I didn't know if it would all fit. So here you go, rock on...


  1. Thanks! He's primed (I chickened out and had someone else do it) and ready for painting. One last minute addition thanks to a good-natured comment from Deathwatch GM Andy however, he's now got a beakey helmet attached on his belt!

  2. Hmm, that symbol seems a tad large. I suppose I've always thought of the Deathwatch as being a bit more "special forces" and generally a bit more "hard sci-fi" than most blinged up Marines :) Each to their own though! Still a nice miniature! Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the black power armour :)

  3. I'm glad you said something, I was kind of torn anyway. I had this icon, and then the next size down and was a little unsure. What did it for me was that he was for an RPG as a PC, instead of for actual tabletop play. I may downscale it though before I go to painting. I'm in the same boat when it comes to considering these guys elite special forces, I still have all those other ones to paint up too!