Saturday, July 10, 2010

Deathwatch Brother Elyas, Complete

Reporting for duty!

Brother Elyas, my character for the Deathwatch one-shots, is complete and ready to go. Once the official book comes out, and I have access to all of the character creation goodness, I will probably make up a new character, maybe a Storm Warden. Until then, this pre-generated Dark Angel PC that came as one of seven total pre-gen PC's will do fine by me.

I used a lot of old school parts for this guy, not so much on purpose, but pretty much because that's all I had that would work. To that end, I was still kind of surprised with just how old school the finished product came out looking. Other than the jump-pack, he seems to jump right out of the pages of the first Rogue Trader. Speaking of that jump-pack, the Dark Angel bling I picked out is pretty over-the-top, so I opted to paint the pack itself in Dark Angels colors. I figure whoever is running the show over at the Deathwatch HQ probably wouldn't let this guy stick such a huge icon on one of their packs anyway, so he brought his own.

He's wearing true MkVI Corvus armor here, head to toe, the only exceptions being the jump-pack and the Deathwatch shoulder pad on the left. I wish I had one of the studded shoulder pads, then it'd really 'pop'.

Like with my recent Storm Warden Veteran, I tried to take my time here and do plenty of layering and three-step shading/highlighting. There were a couple of ways I could've gone with the black armor, one of which are Andy's excellent DW figs here. I went the other direction and opted for a glossy look, kind of like a black sports car that's just been washed and waxed. I wanted the feel of being able to see your reflection in the deep black of the armor, and the reflection of flames from a xenos cleansing to flicker on the glossy surface. After sealing I may go back and brush on some semi-gloss in a few key areas to accentuate this.

If you look closely enough I tried to give the front sights on this bolt pistol the Tritium type, night glow treatment. I'm not a big fan of red housings on bolt weapons, but I enjoyed layering the shades of red here.

The DW pad I used here was a cast, and the edges were a bit degraded. I may pass this off as an heirloom hand-me-down he's been using. The power fist is from the always useful and handy Dark Angels upgrade box. Purity seals for Imperial goodness.

In keeping with the old school look, I slapped a beaky helmet on his belt as well. I also did this because Andy remarked he would not get armor values for the head location if he didn't have one! I was going to use one of my last Rogue Trader helmets, but again the Dark Angel box had what I was looking for; a beaky helmet with a sword icon. Speaking of venerable bits, you can see I also used some of my ancient decals too, like the Imperial eagle on the left leg, and the original Dark Angels icon on the side of the jump-pack.

All right, that's it for now, to say I'm eager to play some Deathwatch is an understatement! I can't wait to get these first games in, then really get rolling when the book itself comes out. Stay tuned, I'm sure there'll be plenty o' Deathwatch RPG reporting to come!


  1. He looks good Mik! Have4 you played Deathwatch yet? If so how did you like it?

  2. Heya Beej, thanks! He was fun to paint up, but I'm kind of wishing I had a more modern torso laying around, but maybe that's what adds extra character?

    We had a game lined up for Tuesday, but it fell through, arrrrgh! Later in the month I hope, I'll post my thoughts. Having played both Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader however, I have idea of the basics at least, and I'm thinking the Marine-centric mechanics added to it are going to make it the best one yet.

  3. Mik, I was looking forward to seeing this finished. You did an excellent job, especially considering how quickly you set this up!

    I am going to be putting together my Brother Gregor out of LEGO (using brickforge parts, I think) so you should be finding that on my blog in the near future.

    If you are familiar with the other two 40k RPG, you are going to LOVE Deathwatch, if the reactions of the others in my gaming group are any indicator.

    Wait...there's a seventh pre-gen character? I thought it was 6?