Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aaahoo...Space Wolves of Minos!

I almost outsmarted myself here. I'm working up doing my "last great Space Marine project", if you haven't voted on a color scheme, don't forget! Well I've been busy, but the other night I had some free time so I started putting together my first two tactical squads as well as a couple of HQ choices. I was thinking of my Death Spectres list from way back and as I was clipping and trimming all these cool Space Wolf bits I was thinking to myself how unfortunate it was I wasn't using the Wolves codex. They had cool things like sagas, solo heroes on the battlefield, specialized scout units, cool things like frostblades and rune armor, the list went on and on.

The fluff I'm working up for this chapter was a very "frozen death world" kind of thing to boot. That's where I almost outsmarted myself. Instead of sticking to the original plan, grudgingly I might add, I made the obvious choice that it's my army and I can do whatever the heck I want!

So there you go, another "counts as" Space Marine army. I'll get around to working up my own background and organization, but the easy part is done, the Space Wolf codex doesn't need to be reinvented. I will have to get kind of creative with their "Imperial Guard" allies, which will take more work, but I'll worry about that later. For now, I've got to get painting! Enjoy some very rough WIP shots below, still need to pick up some resin bases, as well as embossed tactical shoulder pads and the awesome custom-made chapter icon pads too!

Basically I'm making a hybrid of Space Wolf and Dark Angel with a little pinch of Chaos thrown into the mix for an extra kick. The hooded Dark Angel heads will be prevalent throughout, as well as the more characterful Space Wolf elements. The Chaos bits will be more subtle and consist of things like the belt-fed bolters, spiky-kneepad lower legs, and the like.

The late, great Warren Zevon


  1. Looking good man ..... although if its a cold planet .... wouldn't the camo be grays, whites and such ?

  2. Yeah, ahem, I hadn't thought of that...

  3. I've gone the same route in mixing DA and SW bits in my 'counts as SW' army. Though I'm starting to debate adding in chaos bits too.

  4. There's a lot of great Chaos pieces in there and you can still remain pretty subtle about it. I shy away from the more over-the-top spiky bits, and trimmed down a lot of others. There's great weapons, especially chainswords once you trim off the little hilt-hooks and what-not, great belt pouches, the like. Don't forget the Chaos box is the only place to snag MkV helmets too.

  5. Actually the missile launcher guy in the AoBR has a Mk V helmet, but it takes a steady hand and a razor saw to get it off him lol. Hmmm definitely going to have to snag a CSM box when I can.