Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Battle Brother Artemis: Stats for FATE

Hot on the heels of our Deathwatch FATE game a few days ago I painted up my character. I thought I had slapped together a pretty cool model when I made him, so that made the painting more of a joy, plus, I haven't really painted anything in quite a while.

Since we were still working from pregenerated characters, this guy is almost a carbon copy of my first character, Battle Brother Elyas of the Dark Angels, even the name is similar. Since we departed greatly from the rules for round two however, I had the leeway to choose my own Space Marine chapter, and I really did go for "my own", opting for the Sons of Minos DIY chapter I've been cooking up with help from my buddy Biscuit. As you can see from the pic, the character's a little more feral, and little more rough around the edges, plus he has a cool mohawk, and has an awesome chapter icon shoulder pad sculpted by John over at Santa Cruz Warhammer. It's this pad that really makes the model proverbially "snap". So in a way, this is the same character as the first time around, but also completely unlike the first one at the same time.

By the way, there's still a little over a week to vote on the Sons of Minos color scheme.

Battle Brother Artemis
Health: 7
Composure: 6
Refresh: 5

Skill Pyramid:
  • Superb (+5): Fists
  • Great (+4): Endurance, Athletics
  • Good (+3): Guns, Weapons, Might
  • Fair (+2): Alertness, Resolve, Survival, Leadership
  • Average (+1): Investigation, Rapport, Stealth, Intimidation, Academics
  • Wings of Angels: While using a jump pack, may move from one zone to another and make a melee attack.
  • Deathwatch Training: When you damage an alien target, spend one Fate point to cause one additional Consequence to that target.
  • Last Leg [Endurance]: May spend a Fate point to defer a Consequence or Concession for one more exchange, or until hit again.
  • Brawler [Fists]: +1 Defense when outnumbered; +1 Stress on hits against two or more Minions.
  • Slugfest [Fists]: You may save your Defensive Spin to apply to your next attack.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Assault Space Marine
  • Sons of Minos
  • I'll Take Point!
  • I've Got My Helmet off for Dramatic Effect
  • Bah, I've Had Worse on Tindalos


  1. Now let's put him a space hulk. :D

  2. Squidly!

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Great paint job friend .... slay away

  4. ACGen.: He'd fit right in with the mullet-mohawks of Advanced Space Crusade!

    @John: Thanks to YOU my man!

    @Joe: Thanks! Slay away he shall, the guys don't know it yet but instead of rolling up new characters for a fantasy FATE game, I'm just going to bring this guy...bolt pistol, power fist, and all!