Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall-In! Rest of Games Played

Above is a shot from the "big darn Roman" game Duck Sauce and I had the pleasure of playing in. Mind you, at first I was "big darn intimidated" when I was handed a stat sheet that was 11x14 and had about 10,000 characters on it. The game was Classical Hack [modified] and as you may have guessed, it featured the Romans of 53AD versus the British Barbarians.

This game was easily the largest single miniatures game I've ever been a part of. The table measured 15x8 feet and was full of 28mm, fully painted armies. That's the part that's "big" about it, there were over 500 painted figures on the tables, it was impressive to say the least.

I had mentioned the Babylon 5 game I played in to the tune of the Warzone rules, well here's some pics of that. It was great fun, and not only was the subject material very suitable to my liking, but the fact that there was a hidden bunker underground just added to the fun. Thanks to individualized mission briefs and objectives, although there were five players on my side, it still felt like I was gaming on my own. Having a specific agenda goes a long way in games like this and keeps the overall goal similar, but gives everyone their own spotlight.

Dwarven Forge sci-fi tiles formed the basis for the underground bunker. It was only revealed a little bit at a time with blips to represent opposition. I was a little bummed to discover that at the end of the mission the ultimate goal, finding the Deathwalker, was folly since the GM never intended for her to actually be there in the first place. It makes for a nice follow-up sequel scenario, but if you're not attending the next con months's kind of anti-climatic. Nonetheless the scenario and overall game was still a blast to play.

My Narn Commando Squad

This last photo is of some of my survivors I ran in the 2-Hour Wargames zombpocalypse game, All Things Zombie. Their longevity was incredibly short-lived, but it was certainly fun while it lasted. The big biker guy bit it (or more specifically, got bit) in melee combat and overwhelmed by the walking dead. His red-shirted female companion (with a shirt that color, she was doomed to fail) tried to run for the metro bus, but her "clumsy" skill she rolled caused her to trip and fall in just three short the feet of two more zombies. Her fate was sealed the moment she put on that red shirt of hers!


  1. Hmmmm . .... ... zombies !

  2. Very nice - love the Bab5 display.

  3. The Bab5 game was a lot of fun. This was the first time I got to see those minis in person, and the table wasn't the only fun factor to be had, the scenario played out very well too boot.

    Joe, being Halloween weekend, it was a zombie lover's dream. There were so many zombpoc tables it wasn't even funny!