Monday, November 8, 2010

Workbench Update and a Chance Zombie Encounter

Going into these colder months, where sometimes a small space heater even makes it down to the game room at foot level, it's time to get productive on some workbench material! It's kind of cool to see it all laid out here because it covers time periods from 55kya to WWII, and genres from all over the map from fantasy to sci-fi to historic. Here's the breakdown:

Now while I was busy putting all of the above together, a couple of peeps were over to hang out and played a test game of Fear and Faith. All of my Fall-In! table pics, especially the Zombie tables, inspired Chri3 to really cement making the zombie theme "his thing".

I don't want to spoil too much of his ideas, but the nature of his particular zombie world is fresh and original, and there's plenty of room for more than just the walking dead. He's got weresharks, yeti, rogue cult psychics, chainsaw maniacs, and more.

Terrain, as you saw from the aforementioned con pics, makes the game. I'm almost in the boat now that it doesn't just merely complement your armies, without it everything else falls short. While Chri3 and Jake played some zombie hunting action notes were taken and house rules were being laid out. I love the Song of Blades system and it seems Fear and Faith keeps that goodness alive. We do have one Fear and Faith game under our belts, and it was a blast, it showed real promise. I'm hoping we'll get some serious time logged on the Zombpocalypse frontier in the near future. It's always good to have a few experts here and there in your group that shoulder a whole genre/rules and spread the games around to enjoy.


  1. I am expecting to get a lot of work done over this winter. We'll see if it holds true =p

  2. Quality terrain really makes minis games stand out. At Fall In! this year I spent 5 times more on terrain than I did on figures... Of course, the mountain of unpainted minis has something to do with that. The other thing is that you can get really nice pre-painted terrain these days, so you can spend a little more, but it's ready to use as soon as you get home and looks great. Pre-painted minis... not so much in most cases.

  3. Sweet ! .... looking forward to more and stocking ammo for the zed heads !

  4. I love the sound of the zomb-etc-apoc setting - sounds like it's going to be a blast! It's nice to see what's going to be coming up soon!

  5. @Brian: Andy played in one 'Nam game where the figs seemed just straight-up sub-par, but the terrain was so luscious, the minis didn't matter at all.

    @Chris and Joe: The zombie setting that'ss being worked on is going to be fairly comprehensive from what I can tell, with much, much more than standard zombie fare to go around. For the zombpurist, you may need to look away!