Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AE Bounty: Extras

The above figure is what I concocted to act as the VIP in the first game of AE Bounty. Really he's more like a courier in this case, and apparently he's onto the fact that he is the priority target in the scenario! I've built for him an extra large deck plate stand, he's got two wounds and is regular experience level, so those are on there too. The only equipment he has is his hand-truck and a high-tech safe containing a sci-fi MacGuffin.

Here he is in action, run VIP Courier, RUN!

These two are from the cutting room floor. They were going to be part of my Pirate Crew, but the crew composition wasn't the clearest about what you could and couldn't take. Due to some compulsory Crewman choices, these two guys got the axe.

The human in the Pith helmet was going to be tooled up as a First Mate sniper. His super-huge sniper rifle was suitably tricked out and the fluff was going to state it was actually once a wing-cannon off of a starfighter.

The other guy was going to be of the Limax race and he was going to fill the role of the heavy gunner, or officially the canoneer. His big gun was equally cool I thought, and it even sported an articulated body harness and weapon mount.

Closeup of the weapon harness and body mount

So there you have it. After posts of the Bounty Hunter crew, the large Pirate crew, and now this stuff there's really only one thing left to do. Run it!


  1. Really great imaginative use of minifigs! I have quite a few packed away and because of your posts have ordered some custom round pegged bases for some skirmish action.
    I'm enthused about the idea of posing the models to indicate states or actions that you would otherwise need counters or record keeping for. (dropped weapon, fast movement, ducking back etc)

  2. Thanks! If you get the right heads, like the one on the human in this post, you can represent different emotional states too; panicked, rout, berserk and the like.

    I'll be looking for those skirmish posts!

  3. Awesome buddy ! I will say that I would love to be in on one of these games ... Dang mileage factor !!!! lol ....

  4. Awesome as usual, make sure you post some pics when you run it!

  5. Those are great.

    If you have any questions on building crews, etc, please let us know over on the forums or send us an email.

    I'm one of the admins on the forum so I'd be happy to help.

    Thanks for the great inspiration and alternative use of minifigs!

  6. Well, I forgot to mention what forums!

    The Darkson Designs forums, of course.

  7. @Ranolan: Thanks for stopping by! I actually did find your forums earlier in the month...just to sort out this whole pirate crew composition thing, but I'll be back for sure! AE Bounty has really piqued my interest and I want to get some more ideas from like-minded folks like yourself!

    @Bartender: Thanks!