Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Citizens

Time: 2562, Anno Domini
Place: Planet New Eden, Asgard System, Exodus Cluster

Model: SF-82 Peacekeeper Droid
Primary Function: Security
Equipment: The SF-82's are equipped with a wide array of sensor and communication gear as well as built-in pulse projection systems. Optionally, SF-82's can also carry a hand-stunner. All SF-82's are layered in a level 3 ceramite armor.

Description: Genetic manipulation and mandatory behavior modification seminars have ensured that the populace of New Eden stays both docile and peaceful. However, off-worlders illegally dirtside are sure to shatter this Utopian society. To that end, the New Eden Council passed a unanimous decree putting the completely a completely automated security force into action. This force is under direct control of the council and unwavering in their ability to carry out the council's bidding. Not only do these droids handle security breaches to New Eden's surface, they are also useful in detaining citizens who have missed routine personality augmentation appointments.


  1. Love the droids - nice write up too. :)

  2. Classic droids that I am looking for.

  3. Those are some very nice bots, they look really good. Cool background too although I don't think you've sold me yet on moving to New Eden.

  4. @zeB and Eli: Thanks, there's another classic 'bot post lined up today and tomorrow too. I love, love, loved painting up this vintage figs too and they really hold their own up on the shelves.

    @PadreJJ: New Eden is a freakin' paradise, are you kidding me? Report to cell 9B for re-education programming!

  5. Yeah, not quite jumping on the first shuttle to illegally migrate to the "paradise" of New Eden :)

    Nice minis!