Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Here it is, another end of the year post to throw on the pile! There's nothing more to say really, after looking at the numbers, 2010 was a pretty amazing year in the hobby department, and it blew 2009's numbers well out of the water. There's really beginning to be a real sense of community here too, and a lot of familiar faces show up quite frequently. This just makes me want to do more and keep that vibe alive if you will. Really, if it wasn't for you the readers, I'd have given this thing up long ago, so thanks!

Games Played: 135

This number is up by a solid thirty-three games over last year. The Boardgame Geek widget has tracked every single one of these games too, when you remember to log your games this can be a very cool way to tally things. Hopefully this link to my 2010 games will work! Looking at the numbers I was able to play a game a little less than every three days for the entire year. Remember I only count boardgames, roleplaying games, and tabletop miniature games, I do not count video games in this total!

It looks like the excellent card game Dominion dominated the boardgame category with a whopping 22 plays, Carcassonne coming in a pretty distant second with just 9 plays.

On the roleplaying front Mouseguard and With Great Power surprisingly both came in first place tied at four games each. I have a feeling next year will have a solid leader in this area. If all goes well we will be kicking off a brand new fantasy campaign based on our cooperatively created world of Sarterra, so that should get the lion's share of the rpg category.

Tabletop wargames saw another tie for first place, oddly enough with four games apiece as well; Flames of War and Gutshot go to the fore. Who would've thought that? My little wacky sci-fi and fantasy world dominated by Cowboys and WWII? As neat as this is, it's also a stark reminder that sometimes a little consistency goes a long way, especially in a rules-heavy area like tabletop wargaming. Just four games for any ruleset isn't enough to cut it in my book and makes for the kind of games where you're focusing just as much on looking up the rules as you are playing the game. Hopefully we'll get a title in here that's at least got double the number of plays under its belt for next year.

Miniatures Painted: 201

How many times have I said, "I hate painting..." and the like? I'm thinking maybe I actually like painting a little bit, or I'm a total sadist. Last year I painted 121 figs and I thought I was Über-man or something for such a feat, this year has a good 80 more models than that!

Tracking this number throughout the year is very helpful, and it really does help give me that little extra push when I need it, especially near the end here when I saw I was just ten models from 200 total. Practice never hurt anyone and I've gotta believe that with another 200 figs under my belt, I'm painting better today than I was a year ago. Keeping myself honest with posts like the Summer Queue and Spring Queue also goes a long way to keep me on the right track. Well I can go ahead and tell you now, you won't see a 200-fig year out of me in 2011!

Miniatures Bought: 71

Comparing my miniatures painted to those I bought, my painting efficiency rating is in the neighborhood of around 350%! Minis bought is an easy one to keep in check when you're broke, haha! Having said that though, I still couldn't tell you what all the purchases were. Mind you, the super sale on Karman inflated this number by another 21 models quite recently!

I don't know where this number will be next year either. Working on projects and the like is a good thing, and I get such a feeling of accomplishment too I would like to continue that trend. This means there should be less buying of the 'new shiny' and more working on the models I have in-house and in storage. Best laid plans, right?

So, I got all sappy in the beginning of the post, but indulge me once more. This whole year of success is in large part to y'all out there, the readers who I've thoroughly enjoyed chatting with through comments and the like post in and post out. Thanks go to all my local friends too, who without them these numbers would be a fraction of what they are. Lastly, I have to thank my family, of which this obviously wouldn't even be possible without.

So, gird your loins for a rousing and festive new year, until then!


  1. Quite the retrospective there. I have to say that it has been an enjoyable year and certainly good getting to know you and your pasl through the podcast, emails and the blogs.

    Hopefully the new year will continue to be productive.


  2. Congratulations, happy new year and where did you get that Thor shirt? ;)

  3. Great post man! Hopefully we can get together and do some gaming in the new year!

  4. Wow what an amazing year and a great post!

  5. Thanks for sharing this summary of what you've been up to. I like the fact that you've kept a tally of miniatures in and miniatures painted. I can tell you that my ratio is terrible for 2010.

    Perhaps I can do better in 2011 and save some money while I am at it.

  6. Okay, they're girded. Now what?

  7. Sounds like a solid year to me.

  8. I have enjoyed your year, albeit vicariously! Happy 2011!!!

  9. @Eli: Thanks man! It's like you're sitting at the table, well, sort of.

    @KGreen: Target of all places! I also got a long-sleeved Iron Man thermal, but it was too tight for my buff body, err, spare tire.

    @Steven: Dare to dream! We need to roll some dice for sure, that would be quite the feather in the 2011 cap!

    @Meatball: Thanks, happy new year!

    @GDMNW: Since I started tallying my figures bought and painted I've noticed my "efficiency" has been turned up several notches. Plus I find it's more simple than painting "points" and easier to manage than setting hard goals.

    @Mike: Are you ready? Mandolin, tennis, and health. Just when you think I zig, I zag!

    @LoneIslander: It was solid, I feel very lucky to see it all laid out here, and now I feel I can relax a bit going into 2011.

    @Christian: Please by all means, vicariate away! Happy 2011 to you as well!

  10. That's a nice big pile of miniatures bought - it'll be nice to see them receive some love and then for them to be used! I very much agree with the need to paint the stuff on the to-do pile, and not spend quite as much on shiny new stuff - think I'll be making a note of that idea!

    As ever, you've continued to be an inspiration - this blog was one of the main reasons I started mine and remains one of my favourites to read! Here's to 2011!

  11. @Chris: I will try to keep it interesting going into 2011! Thank you for all the kind words, I'm truly honored to inspire you on to further blogging!

  12. A very complete review of the year with some cool minis in there. You also have a great boardgame stack. If only I had a neighbour with these kind of interests! Good luck through 2011!

  13. Thanks! A solid boardgame collection can bridge that gap between our desire to game and the need to be social. It's also helpful if you're in my shoes if you have a stalwart non-gamer spouse!

    Love your blog by the way, since 15mm sci-fi is on my to-do list for 2011 you'll be seeing more of me. I joined the Yahoo group too.

  14. Great post and summary of 2010. Makes we wish I had kept up with the one I started on my blog last year. I deleted it though when my models/new rulebooks bought tripled my models painted/sold number in only July. I am going to try to give it another go this year.

    How would you rate a single stand of Infantry for FOW? 1 fig per stand? .5? .25? Since the detail require is lower and the fact that I play Russians and I have/will have lots to paint as I am expanding outside Late War to Early and Mid War in 2011 is it fair to pad my model count with low detail quick to paint Infantry stands worth 1 model a piece?

  15. @HuronBH: A single infantry stand in FoW is one model in my book. Just like a single stand of 6mm Orcs only counted as one (even though there were up to a dozen archers per stand).

    As far as detail goes, I don't get into it that far. If it's a finished piece, I count it. Some, like RPG minis, obviously have more love and care than others! So I'd say it's totally fair.

    It's a new year, get to tracking!