Saturday, February 26, 2011

Star Station Zero Sci-Fi Tiles

Recently I came into possession of these great spaceship tiles on DrivethruRPG. For just five bucks you get an awesome set of some really nice looking tiles, suitable for pretty much any of your "Hey, I'm on a spaceship!" needs.

What's more is that each tile has different artwork, and since you've got the PDF, you can print fifty of them if need be and layout an entire space station.

Here's what you get:
  • Four 5x5 square floors
  • Four 3x5 oblong floors
  • Six 3x3 square floors
  • Two 5x1 oblong floors
  • Open and Closed Doors (in two sizes)
  • Open and Closed Blast Doors (also in two sizes)
  • Room Connectors
  • Custom wall cubes

I really like the ways the doors work as well. They fold in a way that if you're using somewhat rigid cardstock they become quite sturdy. Also, when a door is 'closed' there are little red lights on the deck floor at its base. When the door is 'open', you can see a slot recessed in the floor and green lights on the deck, pretty clever. Also the doors come in two sizes, 10mm ones to fit within the black edge borders of each room tile, and 20mm which straddle the edges but are more stable. Making Star Trek 'door-swishing' sounds is optional.

I didn't want to show all the tiles here, but there's a great preview on the product page here. The attention to detail is really worked into each tile, and little things like the ambient lighting and scuff marks for wear and tear round them out. There's a great room with a large airlock hatch in the center of it too that could come in handy for a number of things. I'd even go as far to cut a square of black, speckle it with stars, and use it as a vacuum to go in the center of the tile. You don't want to open those doors!

The tile grids are laid out in 20mm squares, and these work best obviously with 15mm single-based figures (or classic 25mm figs). Given the huge (and economical!) numbers available of sci-fi 15mm selection out there nowadays, it would seem Star Station Zero made a timely appearance in our quadrant.


  1. Speaking of space ship tiles, check out this sweet find recently posted on warseer. Sets are pretty expensive but WOWZERS

  2. Ha, yeah those are excellent, but just a tad outside that sweet $5 zone! Actually, WAY outside it! Another good ship tile find though. You can also make your own with the Hirst Arts set, but that's like all time-consuming and stuff.

  3. Yikes, I still need to put some finished product shots on the shop page, and am doing that this afternoon.

    Thanks for the sterling review Gyro!

  4. Thanks for making awesome tiles! Some 'action' shots of them would be excellent too!

  5. Thanks to both of you. These are pretty and deserving of a spotlight.

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