Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kung-Fu Cavemen...from the Future!

If you hang out at all with the six to ten year old crowds you may have already heard of Captain Underpants. Well from the creative minds over at the Underpants dynasty comes this gem of a book, Ook and Gluk Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future.

This is a fun read, plain and simple. Its title says it all really, and the adventures of Ook and Gluk (pronounced like 'book' and 'duck') are fairly epic. It's fairly epic too in the style of writing, it's hashed out as if drawn and written by a pair of ten year olds, all the way down to the atrocious misspelled words. Deeper still however is a sublime humor that us adults are going to sit back and say, "Hey, that's actually pretty good."

It's purely a graphic novel and has all kinds of wackiness to it, such as one-page chapters and "flip-o-rama" action sequences. Quite honestly, you could use any number of ideas in here for a light-hearted romp in RPG territory too, there's plenty of ideas lying within. So treat yourself to something completely different next time you sit down for a read.


  1. I do happen to hang with the 6-10 crowd, and yes, Capt. Underpants is the bomb. I will have to pick up Ook and Gluk.

  2. What Happened to CAPTAIN CAVEMANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!??

    What was the last book you reviewed as I asked you for te UK ISBN.

  3. @Oz: Having read all those books as well I've gotta give Kung-Fu a lot of credit. If you haven't read Super-Diaper Baby either, it's a good one!

    @Derina: I don't remember which one it was exactly, but it probably was The Lost Fleet I reviewed not too long ago. No? If not let me know which one it was again please!