Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sons of Minos: Close Combat Weapons

I've been using bits from all over, and some of the new Space Wolf stuff is just too awesome for words, especially the arms that are hefting Boltguns single handedly. But what to put in the other hand? Chainswords of course!

Everyone who is not wearing a helmet has it attached to his belt, along with a ton of other equipment. Still sticking with Rogue Trader packs as well as another of Secret Weapon pack to boot. I used the one Dark Angel pack because it has a pretty cool skull atop it.


  1. When it comes to helmets I am doing the same with my Imperial Fists, I like the look of the helmets at the belt. Great minds eh? :)

  2. Great minds indeed! I think it's a cool look, and is utilitaritan as well. Plus, it's a good way to equip all your guys well without having to paint fiddly pouches and stuff.

    I think there's a handful of these posts left.