Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sons of Minos: Special Weapons

I'm having so much fun just putting these guys together it'll be a shame to ruin them with a sub-par paintjob. Seriously though, the Sons of Minos march on, this time with special weapons troopers. Full-sized Grey Hunter packs allow for two of each of these, but no heavy weapons. I opted for Meltaguns and Flamers. One is a very old flamer.

I'm going all out with the bits and using up truly the last of the Rogue Trader-era equipment. Here you can see an old combat knife (far left) and the aforementioned flamer. On both Flamer troopers I used Cadian fuel tanks on their backs, because it just looks cool. What also looks cool are the other non-SM packs. On the far left is a Secret Weapon radio pack, and next to him is a plastic Imperial Guard pack. It was small enough I was able to stow away a spare Boltgun, just in case he has to ditch his Meltagun.


  1. These guys are really coming together. They still look like marines, I mean they're recognisable, but you're achieving your own look. Which is fantastic.

    Those satchels and packs you found look great, much better than I had first thought when you posted about them.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully the color scheme will be the icing on the cake!

    I was pretty happy with the packs, and from there the rest kind of just took off.

  3. I agree these guys are looking great and very individual which I think is cool. Keep up the great work!