Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sons of Minos: Hoods w/ Helmets

Of all the Sons of Minos shown so far, these three troops are pretty much the epitomy of what my DIY chapter. This is also the last of the Sons posts before I start sticking paint on them, so you can breathe a collective sigh of relief now, heh.

The guy on the right has a 1st edition backpack and 1st edition holstered Bolt pistol (so tiny!). The rest of the troops have more modern equipment. I'm glad I had one last Boltgun with the strap too, those are a neat little touch.


  1. A cool character model would be one of those classic John Blanche hooded figures with the hoses coming out from under the hood. Would look very Minion-esque.

  2. The old equipment gives them a more realistic feel. Great mix.

    @ Eli - I'm with you on the pipes. So much to get excited about in this hobby it's hard to stay focused.

  3. @Eli: Oh yeah, I love that artwork, maybe some of those Pig Iron Feral Kolony heads?

    @Porky: Thanks, that's kind of exactly what I was going for, which is kind of rare for the idea to actually hit close to the mark.