Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sons of Minos: Hoods w/o Helmets

I wish there were just a tad more varieties of hooded, non-helmeted heads out there. Looking at these three, the two on the right look almost too similar, I'll have to stick them in separate squads. The guy on the left is sporting one of the old Space Ork bolters, a war trophy refurbished by his Techmarine buddies.

That's an original 'beaky' helmet and spare bolter magazine on the left, they've finally found their home. I would absolutely love it if GW would make more of these spare magazine type bits. Some more bits round them the rest of the way out.

I don't know how many day's worth of these posts have gone down at this point, haha. I may have posted the pics a tad too early. After these were taken, I went in and removed mold lines left and right, all over the place. I also "de-horned" a lot of the bits, meaning that a lot of the little totems like teeth and tails? are hanging off the edges of shoulder pads and the like and I'm taking them all off and smoothing down where they were.

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