Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sons of Minos: Minor Heroes

These two are the sergeants from my two tactical squads, or whatever the Space Wolf codex calls them. They're loaded with both character and gear. My goal for all the models is to attach helmets to their belts. It's a trick I've been doing with my Terminators for a while, and frankly I don't know why more people don't do it.

Both sergeants have the same helmet, just Thundarr isn't wearing his. I also dug deep in my bits for unique bits and things to add to them. As you can see from the sgt. on the right, I even used some non-SM bits like the Catachan Bowie knife. I also went way back with some old MkVI backpacks, the last remaining ones really.

Obviously the custom sculpted Sons of Minos shoulder pads by Santa Cruz' own John are pretty much the icing on the cake and make these truly unique.

These two troopers are both the Lone Wolves or whatever they're called in the Space Wolf codex. I probably should have that thing on hand before I write this, haha. Anyway, I believe they can be attached as minor heroes to squads, so I've got one of each of these for each of my two tactical squads. They do have a heavy 'chaos' look to them, so they may go by some kind of moniker along the lines of "lone daemons" or whatever.

I like the horns on the helmets, but frankly the 'regular' backpacks here kind of make them boring, and they're not equipped with any of the fancier bits either. That being what it is, they were made completely from the ground up out of scraps, so I shouldn't be too picky I guess. As always, I'm still de-horning and de-mold lining everything.


  1. Lone wolves cannot be attached to squards.

    You might be thinking of Wolf Guard. they come in units of minimum 3 but can be split up and act as pack leaders.

  2. I think you're right, I guess that means I need to make one more of these daemon-horned BA's...