Monday, February 21, 2011

Updating the Gorgons

The only thing it seems I'm doing right now is Blood Bowl, which any reader of this blog will know, is kind of weird. Not 'cause it's Blood Bowl, but because I'm only doing the one thing instead of the usual eight or nine simultaneous projects in ten different genres and probably two or three different scales! So I'm working on my team.

My team is 99% painted, but their bases weren't flocked, so that's what I sat down to do this day. I just went with a pretty basic flock, nice and green and easy to apply. Just a coat of white glue, undiluted, and a quick dip 'n swish in the tub.

Now the team is one thing, the players that go on the pitch are good to go, however I didn't have a coaching staff until now. Digging around in the deep recesses of my most remote bits bins I came up with some gems. For one, I found another Chaos Dwarf blocker, which is good so now I can quit proxying a WHFB fig. I also found a Hobgoblin with a spear, which will serve as my team's apothecary. He's currently sitting in Simple Green. Last is my head coach, the old Astragoth model, and I forgot how cool this guy was.

So, since my team is known for a different variety of "big funny" hats, I stuck to that theme here. I went with a giant super-fro for the player. The cowboy hats are cool, but this guy will be slightly different. For the coach I went with a "Stinky Pete" prospector hat.

The head coach is also going to have a steam-powered playbook!


  1. Looking good. I have yet to play Blood Bowl but I am trying to drum up some interest at the local store.

    I hope I get to play what I hear is a pretty amazing game!

  2. Pretty amazing indeed! You won't be disappointed.

  3. I love the hats! Great looking team, Gyro. Haha, I'd forgotten how funny the Astragoth model is and that Stinky Pete hat is perfect for your coach.

  4. T-Bone will actually take the credit for the hats. He was the original owner of the team and decided to go with the "western" look.

  5. Awesome !! .... good stuff friend !

  6. @T-Bone: Yup, you had a vision I have seen through to completion. The two new 'big Lego' head accessories drew obvious inspiration to what had passed before. So when are we getting your newly re-acquired refurbished Orc team and my team on the pitch? You know I only have pretty much this week left before baby doom.

    @Joe: Thanks chief! Have you guys tried BB yet? I know you were kicking around the idea...