Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where in the World is Gyro Sandiego?

I am taking a break to just keep y'all informed since its been a bit since my last post. As you know, there's a game changer in the works and these last few weeks have been the final push to get everything ready for the baby.

So last weekend we deconstructed the guest bedroom and turned it into the nursery. The bed frame was converted back into a crib. Laundry has been diligently washed in eco-friendly hypo-allergenic fluids, and sheets applied to the mattress.

Today we built the changing table, wired up monitors, stocked goods, and constructed the basinet as well as the portable crib. It's been busy around here, but it's starting to look like it's physically ready to receive a young'un. I wish I was mentally ready though!

On the gaming front, it's pretty much just been Blood Bowl, which is good given what a great game it is. We're starting up a laid-back league, the Painsphere which you can track here. So far my Chaos Dwarf team, the Gorgons of Gorgoth, are 1-1 after playing matches against Skaven and Orcs. We're hoping to get some more of the local players from our other games on board.

In addition to the Blood Bowl there hasn't been much other gaming. I've playing the XBox version of Blood Bowl a lot, cranking through a handful of tournaments as well. I've got a couple of novels under my belt, which I also need to review. I've still yet to paint a single fig for the year! Tonight we're playing in our first (of hopefully many) game in a new fantasy RPG setting centered around the world of Sarterra. It's using the FATE system and the Legends of Anglerre rules.

So there you go, personal and gaming updates abound. Enjoy!


  1. Got the first 2 of the lost fleet books, 1st book is fantasic, book 2 need to pick up on monday as the copy the bookshop got was damaged and was not for sale, good luck with the sprog.

    Cant beleave it USPS has lost some legs I was sending a friend to convert.

  2. Good to hear you are at least sort of set for the new one. I am feeling a little concerned about having a baby in the house again and my daughter is only 4.5 so I have not been out of the baby game as long as you have. I am sure everything will go great.

    Sleep is overrated.

  3. So is the Bloodbowl video game worth getting, I have been debating getting it for a few weeks now, but I just haven't committed.

  4. I have the original pc verison but if you are not going to play online the AI is so weak the game is trivial to play. I know that the pc version allows people to set up their own leagues that was not in the xbox version when it shipped. The newer PC version (Legendary Edition) has all the standard races minus chaos dwarves I think.

  5. @Meatball: The Legendary PC edition is the one to get if you have the option, for me, I have my XBox only. It's fun, but even on the hardest level the AI leaves you head scratching sometimes. It still lots of fun extras and visuals, plus I picked up a used XBox copy for eight bucks, apparently the PC version, new, is even cheaper. I do like playing it on 42" high-def though.

    @Derina: Glad you like them, sorry I never got you the ISBN number, but it sounds like you found it all right. You're not the first one as of late to have USPS issues, I'm tracking two separate lost orders as we speak.

    @Brad: Yeah, I think the long gap (8 years) may be our saving grace, and the firstborn could actually be helpful in some areas to boot. We aren't 100% ready, but we're getting there.

  6. The first Book grabs you by the ... you know whats. 100% better than the currant Horus Heresy book.

    Im doing some pining foe a friend and he sent me as payment the FSA (Federated States of America) fleet box and Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet box as well as the rule book.

  7. @Gyro and @eriochrome the new PC one is the one I have been thinking about getting so thank you for letting me know your thoughts about it.

  8. The Painsphere logo is Freakin' Awesome.

    Glad to see you guys got the Blood Bowl going 'after' I left

  9. We had to wait 'til you left, or else you would've dominated the dojo!

    J/k, but ironically you were the reason we never played Blood Bowl while you were in town if you think about it. You always ran so many great games in so many different genres we never *had* to fall back on BB. With you gone, BB fills the void.