Monday, March 28, 2011

The 2nd One is my 1st One

March is basically over and I'm just now posting my first painted figure of the year. That's unbelievable. Mind you, I do have a lot of irons in the fire right now, but first figure? March? I had jokingly thought after posting record numbers in painting for 2010 that I might sit back and rest on my laurels, well guess what? Yup, laurel resting is in full effect, you've been warned!

As you can see from the bits carnage up above, 2011's first painting foray was for a second Bull Centaur to add to my Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team, the Gorgons of Gorgoth. The Chaos Dwarves are a surprisingly finesse-driven team, coupled of course with sheer brutality. Bull Centaurs offer the best of both worlds, but why have one Bull Centaur when you can have two?

For the model I got a Bull Centaur standard bearer off of eBay. It came painted already, nothing great but it had a coat or two of paint in seemingly the right places. The model also had a large standard in its right hand an a wicked looking curved sword in its left hand. Both of those had to go of course, as did the top half of his big hat to make way for the customary Lego cowboy hat.

I should've grabbed my other Bull Centaur for some comparison shots. Unlike the first one, this Bull is not the official Blood Bowl model but just from the (now defunct) fantasy range. The proportions of the bull body are exactly the same, but this one is noticeably less beefy. Plus his face sculpt is a tad wonky. Otherwise, based up and on the pitch he should blend in well with the rest of the team.

I don't have a name for this guy yet, but I thought "Dances With Hooves" was kind of funny. Hopefully he'll be making an appearance on the team soon, I have the gold right now to buy him, but I'm still waffling. I need to drop a move-busted Hobgoblin for sure if I do, but then again I could buy a fifth reroll. It seems a bit excessive, but I have a lot of skill-less agility two players out there and I like to push the envelope a bit when it comes to the odds. Enjoy!


  1. Looking great Mik ! No worries ... I feel your pain. Life has tons on the plate for us no ? lol

  2. Yeeee haw!

    Seriously. Yee haw.

  3. I love it man I hope we get to see a team shot at some point :)

  4. Hey Joe, yeah it does. I thought I had made a deal with the Empire to keep them off my back for a long time, but that fell through.

    @Mike: Thanks chief, I'd say there's not too many cowboy hat Chaos Dwarf teams out there in the world...

    @Meatball: Thanks, I'll have to whip up a roster photo to post, the last couple of game reports might've had them in action, but nothing trading-card worthy!