Sunday, March 13, 2011

Great Stuff Over at GW Pertinent

There's some goodness going on over in a fellow blogger's neck of the woods, GW Pertinent, and although I'm an avid reader I never really mention the sites I frequent. Well, Tristan's got a contest up about such a thing, so that was enough to spur me into action. I should say, this is quite the feat in and of itself considering my schedule recently!

So, in no particular order, here's three of my favorite posts of his on different gaming subject matter. They're supposed to all be from the 40k universe, well you might argue they are but frankly I like breaking the rules. Besides, variety is what gaming's all about. And I like breaking the rules.

#1: Warhammer Quest Characters

Obviously I'm a big WHQuest fan as you can tell from my past exploits here. Tristan's taking all of the characters, those form the base game as well as the character packs, and coming up with proxy equivalents to fill in. I particularly like the Trollslayer and Warrior Priest models he's chosen, both of which look better than the actual models that were put out for the game.

#2: Travel Space Hulk

Wow, this project is just way too cool. When I first saw it I knew right away it was destined for greatness. Okay, that might be a bit much, but I knew it was cool. The plan is to have little portable tiles, magnetized Epic figs, and all kinds of corridor-cleansing goodness. When I was a kid I used to really think the magnetized travel mini chess sets were cool, and his post immediately took back to that time of innocence, a time when bygone dreamers lazed about on warm spring days, the grass of the new dawn under their feet.

#3: Blood Bowl

Anything Blood Bowl under the sun can be found here. The thing that impresses me the most is the sheer amount of tournaments Tristan travels to and plays matches in. We're picking up the Blood Bowl gaming around these parts, and I've gotta say it's all of Tristan's Blood Bowl posts that kind of inspire me along the way. Here's a great post about his themed Orc team based off the St. Louis Rams.


  1. Some great picks there Mik. Just finished up another tourney this weekend - I'll get a post up pretty soon. :) Thanks for taking the time to enter, especially considering your situation!

  2. You've been a longstanding reader here, I'm happy to scratch your back in the process!