Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mik vs. Gene Hackman

The title doesn't make much sense, unless you were there. And you weren't. So it has been a while since my failed trek across Middle Earth. That didn't really work out, haha, no pun intended, it wasn't because I miraculously got a new, healthier, thinner body either.

So then I took up tennis, and have been going regularly to a weekly clinic, based mostly on skills, for the past six months or so. I do want to get in shape, and I think some kind of sports route is the better option for me than anything else. Now tennis isn't the same as cycling or whatever, but when you don't do anything, something is better than nothing.

What's a competitive sport without competition? The skills clinics and all are fine, but I've also joined up with the USTA and a couple of days ago had my first sanctioned league match. The guy was good (though our respective skill levels were supposed to relative to one another). He also looked just like a younger Gene Hackman!

Well Gene Hackman put the old Lex Luthor on me and nearly skunked me in the match. My moral victory is I did get a single game off of him, and to his credit he was pretty cool about it. For those keeping score; 6-0, 6-1. This isn't the last you've heard of my exploits on the court, I've committed to a league, so for better or for worse there you have it.


  1. Good luck on your league.

  2. Real Tennis ot Lawn Tennis?

  3. @Deadmeat: Thanks! Even though it was an abysmal defeat I still had fun.

    @Derina: Real tennis!

  4. Real tennis was King Henery the VIIIth type tennis.

  5. I never thought of it like that, so yeah, "royal" tennis it is; from Henry the 8th to Federer the Great, that's what I'm playing.