Saturday, May 28, 2011

Encounter on Arloc Mechanica


The dead moon of Arloc Mechanica once housed a thriving Imperial industry. The sector was hit by successive disasters and mankind’s firm grasp was diminished to a thin thread. The moon was abandoned while the remaining citizens headed coreward to mass in protective numbers on the primary planet of Axiomica.

Arloc Mechanica has remained silent and empty with the exception of leftover scavenger bands that refused to take part of the mass coreward migration. Being on the fringe of the system, automated systems were set up to detect incoming fleet and object movements.

It was these systems that detected several large piece of debris translating in-system at high velocity. Many of the massive chunks passed harmlessly through space, some smashing against the inner asteroid belts. Some, however, smashed against the surface of Arloc Mechanica itself.

A Rogue Trader fleet, its flagship the Cinereux, was inbound when a catastrophic event took place while in warp space. All that emerged were fragments of the fleet itself. Rogue Trader Captain Quandan had discovered an item of myth and legend: the Victory Machine. The Victory Machine is said to be able to autonomously receive messages from the future. The only evidence to point to his discovery is the sudden radiation sickness Quandan was inexplicably afflicted with…as a child. Tampering with the Victory Machine sends ripples of radiation across space and time.

The Victory Machine was aboard the Cinereux. It may have survived this disaster.


  1. You starting up a campaign, Mik? Or merely spinning makes me want to dust off my Inquisitor rulebook.

  2. It's a tabletop game actually. Maybe it's the start of a longer campaign but right now its been a one-off (we already played it).

    Time has been at a premium so I get to stagger posts here leading up to the batrep itself.

    You're not far off with Inquisitor, it'll be very small units duking it out in very over-the-top cinematic style.

  3. Inquisitor really is just Mordheim for 40K in a way, we used to play it with the regular 40K models and just convert our team. Saved us all money and the need to make several sets of scenery. Didn't stop us from buying the larger set and having a game against a custom built to scale Dreadnought though.
    Anyways it reads well awesome!