Thursday, May 26, 2011

You're Gonna See Squat

I was contacted not too long ago by Draxius (no, not their real name) about the Squats I've shown from time to time here on the blog. Drax has just started up a new blog and its focus is on making a "counts as" Imperial Guard army with the stunty folk. There's lots of conversions and army planning, as well as some cool, older models you just don't see anymore (and clever modern conversions too). It's good for a visit, even if you're not a stalwart 40k'er.

The name of the blog is You Ain't Seen Squat! and it's been up for about a week. I thought I'd plug it here and try to send some traffic their way. This isn't something I normally do, but when a new blog catches my eye I like to spread the word. He's got cool ideas, has quality posts, and is following through on his project quite well. Subscribe as a follower and throw out some comments, tips, or whatever kind of feedback you think might help. Remember, if you haven't seen his blog yet, then...
you ain't seen Squat!


  1. Cool site, I am now a follower, thanks for pointing the way Mik!

  2. Much appreciated Mik, I just finished up a post in a semi reponse to your comment and spotted my name on my tracked blogs off to the side.
    Welcome aboard Meatball :)

  3. @Drax: No problemo, one hand washes the other and all that stuff...

    @LoneIslander and Meatball: Ya'll should dig it.