Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Deathwatch Techmarine WIP

Necessity being the mother of invention I had to whip up a servo-arm for my old-school techmarine. Also, my own Barter Bucket failed me and the part I thought would've been here by now never made it. As I type this up our Deathwatch game is tomorrow night, and this is the last trooper of the bunch I need to crank out.

After reading a post of Mike's a while back at Constantly Risking Obscurity, I saw there were a couple of kit-bashed servo-armed figs. I had asked and it seemed like old Mage Knight bits were used in part to make the packs.

I have a shoebox full of Mage Knight figs, but only a few of the figures that make up the 'steam punk' faction. I did have an robot-mecha thing with some cool arms that might work, but first I had to hack away the giant buzz saw blade.

As you can see I also clipped and used a LEGO piece for the pincer hand itself. In the end I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, the arm looks nimble and robust at the same time, and I absolutely love the way the ball-joint seems to mesh so naturally into the back pack. Speaking of the backpack, it was just a plain pack and I added an extra "techmarine-esque" doo-hickey on the back of it. Next up is to paint him, in one night apparently. He's technically from the Black Templars chapter, but there's really no place convenient I can show that. All right, it's time to get cracking, err, in about ten hours.


  1. He looks good dude - maybe just add a templar cross decal to his leg or something. I've used white one's before so you might have some or what you could do is paint a big square white - use a black decal over top then paint in black so the white is just an edge around the decal.

    Good luck bro, hope he get's done in time!

  2. Go Mik, go! Black Templars were invented to be easy to paint.. It's all 2 colors and straight lines! Good luck :)

  3. @Tristan: He so did not get done in time, haha. Thanks for the tips, I think I have a white decal somewhere around here.

    @Spacejacker: Ha, I never thought of it that way, I should've played them a long time ago!

  4. Dude...Ultramarine! Not Black Templar, Ultramarine.

    Although I admit, making Chico Stix roleplay a Black Templar traveling around in a kill-team with a Librarian would be entertaining.
    (falsetto) AWKWARD!