Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Blood Gryphons; Chaos Pact Team

With about a dozen games under my belt with the Gorgons I thought I would switch things up and try a new team. I'm not hurting for choices in the extra teams department and had some decision making to do. I settled on a Chaos Pact team for many reasons.

First up is that it is, in essence, a human team with its Marauders. I have a lot of experience playing a human team from way back when so this was a good foundation. Next up is that you can opt to field a Skaven, a Goblin, and a Dark Elf, so my desire to play any of those three teams (more if ccount all the different Elven teams) is satiated. Finally you get choices in your big guys, you're not just stuck with one. These can be Ogres, Trolls, or Minotaurs, or if you've got a huge treasury...a combination of the three.

Admittedly, Brian's nicely painted Chaos Pact team over at Repple Depple was the final straw that persuaded me to go in this direction.

I am using my leftover Norse team as the basis for the Chaos Pact, and the horn-helmed Norse make for perfect Marauders. The team photo at the top of the post shows most of the original paint jobs which were there when I got the team. I've only painted two members so far, the two directly above, but you can see where I'm going with the color scheme. Also, you can see I am using a female model for my team's Dark Elf.

The only good news is that this team is being made up of models I already own, or ones I am trading for. In the case of the old school Troll above, ones I'm receiving from friends for free (thanks again John). I have too many teams in storage to justify spending another dime on a new team. You can also see some of the primed figs I whipped up for the team and haven't gotten around to painting yet. In the case of my Ogre, I was too late; he died by failing a 'go for it' roll causing him to trip and break his neck. That's right, no apothecary!

Anyway, I'll still paint him up along with the others. Since there are no 'catchers' on the Chaos Pact team I plan to use the 'bear claw' gloved Norsemen figures as those players who receive the 'claw' mutation upgrade, seems a pretty natural choice. There's actually no positonal players whatsoever, you kind of create them as you go along with the wide variety of skills they are eligible for. The jar full of figs and fluids is the Simple Green soak, waiting for the next batch to prepare for painting.


  1. See Blood Bowl is somthing i've always liked the look of but just never dabbled at. The teams always look great.

    Looking forward to seeing more

  2. Look good, lot of hair on that team and that's just the female.

  3. @Brummie: If you've got a good group of players Blood Bowl is an excellent game. There's not many games that hold such suspense from the very first turn to the very last. League play, where your players gain skills and experience, is where this game shines.

    @Angry Lurker: Yeah, she's a bit of a diva.

    I've got the three primed models finished up, I just need to seal them and take some pics. I plan on a match or two next week so I guess I need to get that Troll painted up too.

  4. I can field a chaos pact team but I really do not have minis dedicated into the team. I think I could pretty much build the team out of spare 2ed minis but I might be 1 or 2 chaos players short and a troll. Might be ebay time to get a dedicated team together. I think it is a great team for conversions since you get to make mutant players for all the races.

  5. My Chaos Pact team will be taking the field when we fire our league up again here in the Winchester area starting in September. Unfortunately I need to do a little touch up to a few after they got knocked off the table at the FLGS.

    I noticed on the Painsphere site that you don't have any of the Big Guys on your team to start... More predictable and all I understand, but I find it hard to pass up the intimidation factor of a couple of the big hitters.

    Of course, the most important choice for a new season is deciding on a team name. How about The Strange Attackers? Non-Linear Mayhem? Butterflies of Doom?

  6. @Brad: You're right about the conversions, you could really make your team shine in that department. I'm surprised you of all people don't have a dedicated team, get cracking!

    @Brian: Well, I did have an Ogre...but he's already died! Took a couple of games, but now I've got a Troll about to hit the pitch, would've been nice to have them both out there at the same time though.

    As for your team name, that's an easy one: "The Winchester 73's" named after the Jimmy Stewart classic and as an homage to your new stomping grounds. Of course to really make them pop you'll need to model cowboy hats on them, which only the really cool Blood Bowl players do anyway!

  7. Ouch... dead ogre is tough to replace,

    As for team name, I'm going to rock with maximum nerd and go with a chaos theory inspired name, hence Strange Attacker (ala strange attractor) or Butterflies of Doom (ala The Butterfly Effect). Team captain will definitely be named Mandelbrot.

  8. Wicked cool Mik. That old skool troll is one of my favs. I had them all back in the day before I joined the service but they got scattered and lost over time. Glad to see a few still in action!

  9. PS My Son's Troll (in his Orc team) did exactly the same thing as your Ogre - broke his neck trying to sprint! But he got better. Damn that regeneration skill...

  10. Big'uns should just never "go for it", it's never good for them. Unfortunately my Ogre didn't have regenerate! I've got the Troll stripped and based now, I just need to quit playing Borderlands long enough to do some painting!

  11. I guess squeezing them onto the smaller bases these days makes them trip over their feet more often!

    Looking fwd to seeing how the Troll comes out :-)