Friday, July 22, 2011

WFRP; the F is for FATE

a fighter, a halfling, a priest, and an archer walk into a bar...

With two sessions under our belts I'm a bit late to posting about our recent roleplaying endeavor; FATE rules in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. The more and more I think about it, the Warhammer Fantasy world is my ideal stomping grounds for a setting. It's got magic, but on the PC side of the table it's very limited and keeps its mysticality quite well.

The fantasy staples and tropes are all in there with extra spice thrown in with a few setting-specific details. The world in and of itself is definitely gritty and definitely dark and sinister, so there's lots of room for intrigue and gray areas.

Using FATE under the hood, well that's just icing on the cake. There's a few systems out there I've played lately that appeal to me, but FATE is near the top of the list. We're using the Swords of Algiers sourcebook (do you see what I did there?) which just helps to expand on all the wonderful fantasy goodness within.

The party above is a good mix starting with the Kislevite on the far left, a "veteran of a thousand battles" type soldier who is slowly coming around from being a mere sellsword to a defender of the weak. Next to him is my character, a sneaky spy/thief who talks and eats rather than fights. The fellow in the brown robes is our Priest of Sigmar with the distinction that he goes way beyond giving sermons and has legitimate divine healing powers. Lastly, on the far right, is the party's archer (and capable swordsman), an ex-military scout forced on the run due to a series of false accusations and a misunderstanding concerning the death of a nobleman's son.

These four are in the employ of a shadowy benefactor that sends them on covert missions presumably for the well being of their home, the city of Altdorf. Their secrets and skeletons in the closet are safe as long as they are able to keep delivering on their tasks.


  1. How appropriate, you fight like a cow.

    No, that's not it. Let's try again.

    How appropriate, I just got back from my weekly WFRP game to see this. Our lot are a bit less wholesome than yours, it seems!

  2. Thanks Tristan, there were a lot of humorous in-game moments centered around food so I thought the drumstick would be apropos.

    @KG: We're the good guys! Sometimes I have a feeling the GM would like it if we played a little more on the serious side, maybe no less wholesome but less jovial!