Thursday, July 21, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Salvage on Far Proxima

Far Proxima became a halfway point in the jump lanes during early human colonization. Essentially it became a junk planet, and unless you were refueling at the orbital station, there wasn't much to do dirtside. After five hundred years of junk, refuse, and trash being left behind (not to mention dangerous mutant carrion) someone decided to investigate.

The Miktron Foundation specializes in revitalizing defunct terraforming colonies, trash planets, and adrift space stations. Here they are exploring and salvaging Waste Mountain #42. Some older technology is being recovered, and so far none of the acid-spewing viper-worms have been spotted. Given the viper-worms penchant for chewing on polymer deck plating however, it's only a matter of time.
A pile of semi-precious minerals is collected

Though no one's claiming the planet, the Miktron flag is planted nonetheless

Electronic components, AI wiring, holographic displays...

Piles of primitive weapons, tools, and crates

Metric tons worth of deck, hull, and structure plating

Fuel rods, antennae, power pylons, and more

An old rover is found and the crew try to get it operational

Guards stand vigilant against viper-worms


  1. haha, awesome! fun post.

  2. Thanks. I turned a mundane but necessary task of sorting pieces into a little fun...and some fluff.

  3. lol very good. Miss my lego sadly long gone.

    I have a Jack Sparrow and a White Ninja though thanks to 'the sun'

  4. Thanks for stopping by Brummie, everyone can live vicariously through me when it comes to long gone collections.

    I need to get a Jack Sparrow, but I did pick up the white ninja, it galled me at ten bucks to do so, but we make these sacrifices in life for what's truly important. Like white Lego ninjas...

  5. You'll be pleased to know Mik that I got Audrey her first set of real Lego for her birthday last weekend... complete with mini-figs.

  6. I'm actually very pleased to know that! Bella and I played with Lego's in the floor just this afternoon, it's an awesome way to spend time together. I'm dying to know what set you got her though!

  7. Just a basic set of multi-purpose blocks. about 400 pieces with a wide variety of shapes and including some cool specialty bits like wheels, doors, etc. Just the stuff a 5 year old needs to build a princess castle or a new car for the Dinosaur Train.