Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Avengers Assemble!

There's an Avengers cartoon out there, it's streaming on Netflix and if you haven't checked it out, I suggest you do so. It's solid, it's good. What I'm struck most about is how they have managed to seamlessly modernize these heroes while aligning each character as well the overall story arc with the current catalog of recent Avengers movies.

What's more is that the series is kid friendly, my eight year old and I have enjoyed watching them together. It brought a smile to my face the other day when she said in earnest that she "really needs" a Red Skull figure to be the head bad guy.

The cartoon is good, and it's prompted me to get some action figures to back up all the Avengers talk between firstborn and myself. I've had the Black Panther for some time, as well as the Hulk (though he never got a post). Thor was easy to pick up, and I've got an Iron Man on the way via eBay. I still need to pick up Cap and Hawkeye, but I think I may use the clicker Wasp since she scales perfectly with the rest of the team.

We can't go down a toy aisle without trying on hero gear!


  1. Love that series, can see it on Disney XD too.

    The Spectacular Spider-Man series was pretty good too. Those two shows rival JLU for quality.

  2. I know the characters from when I was a kid but I can honestly say I know nothing about there background.

    Ironman I know from whats in the films.

    Will have to give this a look at thanks for the heads up

  3. @Brummie: You're in a good place to start actually, in the first sixty seconds of episode one it was obvious it was the movie version Iron Man. Plus, it does mini-episodes for all the heroes origins so you can catch up.

    @SoTaurus: I'll have to check that one out. Up until now I've just been watching the animated DC movies, but I get tired of Batman variants after a while. JLU was pretty awesome though, I love that style, and it was cool to see Lobo in there too.