Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July Veggie Haul

Following up on my mutant squash post the other day I thought I'd post a little inventory of the latest haul out of this year's garden. My tomatoes aren't doing very well, I've been having some trouble with my cages.

One of those mutant squashes broke free of its moorings up near the top of the deck. It crashed down, eight pounds times ten feet of falling damage and literally took out one cage, knocking it over and uprooting the tomato plant within.

Everything else is coming along quite well though, I've got plans for the poblano peppers, and it seems that once my 'maters come in (if they do) I've got more than enough for a few more rounds of Mount Doom salsa!

It was a nice feeling when my kitchen sink was filled to the brim with stuff I grew myself. This is really why I garden, I get to try new things, and I get to eat a lot of stuff I didn't have to buy at the store. Look at those bell peppers, they're huge!

If you've been around, you know this isn't just a gaming blog. Having said that I'll see if I can cross the streams however. I've had an idea of taking some of my produce and making some tabletop terrain out of it. Hmm, I don't know if it'll work.


  1. Wow! Another incredible haul!

  2. I've always thought there must be some way to make a tyranid mycetic spore drop pod out of some fruit or vegetable... my current thoughts rest with a dried out grapefruit peel, but perhaps a pepper could work??!

  3. That is quite a brilliant haul! I've been raiding my parents' garden for herbs/tomatoes/the odd chilli when I've been back for the day. Always works out rather nicely! Those yellow chillies look fantastic!

  4. I love it ! Great haul. I need to get my garden a pepper section stat.

    My garden has been doing well, until the Virginia heat struck. My green beans are struggling. My Tomato plants are loving it then began to get hit hard due to the excessive heat. All in all I have been eating lots of squash & tomatoes

  5. @Christian: Thanks, but to be honest these are the same haul as the giant squash haul, those monsters just deserved their own post!.

    @Tristan: I've got you covered. I swear. Just wait. No, really.

    @Chris: Yesterday we were having Mexican food for dinner. There was nothing better than while a few things were on simmer I went down to the raid the garden and snagged a tomato, and a selection of peppers.

    @Joe: Thanks again! The southern heat has struck here as well, plants just don't want to grow in a hundred degrees. I've been eating a lot of squash. A lot.