Friday, September 16, 2011

Mutant Squash Attacks House

A few weeks ago I posted on these wacky giant squash(es?) that have been out of control. Well it's officially reached new heights of zaniness. As you can see here a good quarter of my deck is now covered with the creeping, squash-birthing vine.

You also have to remember that the squash plant itself is ten plus feet below the deck, down in the garden itself! From far below you can also see one of the body-snatching pods, I mean squash, growing to epic proportions. It's hard to believe this is all coming from a stalk no bigger than about an inch in diameter.

This is one of the ones growing on top of the deck. I don't even have to go down the stairs to harvest them, they've come to me! I've used both my foot and my dog for scale points of reference.

That's about all I've got in the garden department, although I did plant a few "fall crops" for the first time, but more on those later.


  1. Cut them down, cut them all down.

    The size of your squash makes me feel like less of a man.

  2. Mik, didn't I recommend against using that Dr. Banner's Premium Super Grow?



  3. Toxic waste in the ground water? In the emergency steam vent shadow of a nuclear powerplant? Generating far too much CO2?

  4. @Eli: "Squash smash!" is still cracking me up, heh.

    @Eriochrome: I tried to cover them up but no mere loincloth could contain them!

    @Ravenfeast: It may be the 600 pounds of premium topsoil I dumped in the garden two years ago!

    And certain profane, moonlit rituals...