Thursday, December 8, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Some More Castle Sets

First up is the small set of the 2007 Castle line, it was just a single human knight. He came with a ton of stuff however as you can see. If you had a spare mini-fig laying around you could put all the extra gear on them and have two figs. With the breastplate and full-faced helm, you wouldn't be able to tell if the extra was from the City series or whatever.

The next, the name I forgot, was a small/medium set pitting two humans with a catapult against two Undead behind a barricade. There were basically four factions in this series. The Dwarves and humans were the good guys and the Undead and Orcs were the bad guys. This gave plenty of variety too, maybe too much so. There were hints of a Wood Elf race to be introduced later but that may have been left on the cutting room floor.

A larger set, the Skeleton Ship Attack was pretty cool as well. It featured a good-sized human fortification and an awesome skeletal pirate ship, complete with skeleton pirate captain. Because they were cramming two things into one box, the ship wasn't the largest it could be, nor was the human fort.

The Troll Battle Wheel is a great set as well. I like to call it the Orc Battle Wheel, but whatever. It's a giant wheel of doom, rolling, crushing doom! It also has some kind of rocket that fires out of the middle, dunno about that. It has some very cool build features too, making the wheels were kind of neat. First you build them flat, like train tracks, but most of the pieces are joints. Then you just roll them up into a round shape around the center spokes and voila, instant huge Orc wheels of doom. It also came with an Orc hero looking fig.


  1. These are great friend ! I have a large amount of Star Wars Legos myself. Do you save the boxes ? And storage ?

  2. I used to save the boxes, and I used to try to get all of the Star Wars sets as soon as they came out too. I've been slacking big time the last few years though. As for storage I piece them out by type and in tupperware or whatever, also those tool/parts storage bins work great.

  3. Interesting little set. This is from my lego dark ages time. I was just working on (playing with) some of my old castle sets (80's) at my mom's house today. I have got 3 sets of many now seperated out and built: Blacksmith Shop, Guarded Inn, and Joust set. Maybe on Christmas Eve I can tackle the Yellow Castle if I remember to load the directions on my wifes Nook Color.

  4. Having those old instructions online is so great. I put together the King's Castle (year after the yellow castle?) many years ago thanks to The Blacksmith Shop and Guarded Inn are two sets I've always wanted and never got the chance to pick up, consider me jealous.