Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This and That

It's almost like I can kick back and let LEGO Thursdays do all the work for me! Unlike the break-neck end of the gaming year of 2010, the end of 2011 has a steady pulse, albeit a weak one.

There's still signs of life at Mik's Minis, not that *you* would know it though. I'm happy to report the game room is coming along quite well. When you're shouldering all of the work pretty much by yourself, not outsourcing it to a contractor, it's both slow going and not exactly professional. It might have something to do with the fact that production has been entirely to the tune of Miller Lite and Black Sabbath. Other than the slow going part I gotta say it looks pretty darn good. New paint, new carpet, the works. Now I need to start cramming it full again with gaming stuff!

I mentioned back during Thanksgiving that I was thankful for Skyrim. That still holds, but it's a double-edged sword you know? It's the type of game designed for a player like me from the ground up, but that means I can happily get lost in the tiniest morass of minutia for hours and hours and hours. Hours that should be put to finishing the game room!

I plopped a cover image of the Pathfinder RPG up top for a reason. It's no secret that Pathfinder is gaining momentum around many roleplaying tables as we speak so we jumped in just this evening. We played a very short introductory adventure with pre-generated characters, but it felt great. After looking through the core rulebook and the Inner Sea sourcebook I can say this is something I personally would like to visit again. As you can see, we've already made the adventuring party out of LEGO figs, so we're ready for more.

In other RPG news, we have a couple of sessions building a world for another campaign. We used the Microscope rules and had quite a ball with them. There is an excellent corkboard mockup of all of our work that can be found here. It was an easy process to get to know, and the world we made has a lot of promise, plus it spans such a gap chronologically there are many options in style and potential gameplay. FATE is a system we keep coming back too, and this future campaign, The Tainted Earth, is no different. We're kind of throwing convention out the window, so anything goes, such as my kilt-wearing Yeti bounty hunter armed with a necromantic energy rifle! Sculpt that one Eli!

I'm still posting leftover and prematurely hatched material to the Mik's Minis sister twitter account for those interested; cygnus46 is the username. Still just photos, still 95% gaming related, and still no text, just the way I plan to keep it.

Until next time!


  1. Keeping it real my friend. The game room looks awesome. And true artist always work in the medium that fits them .... More power too ya :)

  2. I just assumed you've moved to Skyrim.

  3. The game room looks like you contracted it out! If ya have some spare time and some $ you should come to Union Jacks next Thurs, Dec. 15 and have a drink and a chat.

  4. @ 7 pm and feel free to invite fellow gamers.

  5. @Eli: Oh, yeah? Dude...

    @Joe: Thanks chief, I do kind of miss all my blog peeps though.

    @Oz: Heh, I feel that way too. In game I've got four houses in four different cities and an assassin's guild, does that count?

    @Chris: Thanks for the invite, I am going to try and take you up on that. I haven't been to Union Jack's in years either.

  6. After taking a year off, I've gone back to playing Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is a little better this time. I figured out a couple of key dynamics I had missed last time that makes the game a lot easier.