Thursday, January 5, 2012

LEGO Thursday: LEGOLotR

Not the freshest announcement by the time this has rolled around, but still, how exciting is this? Of course if you're not into LEGO, and/or not a big fan of Lord of the Rings then the announcement that LEGO has picked up the LotR franchise probably doesn't mean too terribly much to you. But then again if you're not a fan of either one of did you find this place? Due out next summer, start saving those shekels.


  1. I am certainly interested. I had heard about this along with LOTR Heroclixs which I though the GW licences would have not allowed. I also noted that this line is going to be replacing the kingdom line for the near future. All of last years Kingdoms sets are discontinued with only a big Joust exclusive set coming out.

  2. I'm just miffed the Castle line was short-lived only to be replaced by the Kingdoms line, which was lame in comparison. At least now we'll get some real Dwarves. And Elves. And Hobbits...

    I enjoyed many a 'clicker' game back in the day, don't know about any interest in LotRClix, but it's cool it's coming out.

  3. My daughter got the Mill Village Raid set from the Kingdom line for christmas. I had already picked up the Medieval Marketplace for her but it is an advanced set and saw that the Mill Village was on sale. Glad I picked it up since it like the rest of the Kingdom line are gone already.

    It is a pretty good little set with a theme not really seen in the various Castle lines which really lack in civilian stuff other than Blacksmith (which we got the little set from last year).

  4. I love the Marketplace, I wish I had it. One of my favorite classic Castle sets was the Blacksmith one. I agree, civilian castle sets are too few for sure.