Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Armies Army Preorders are Go

Almost a month ago to the day I posted on Armies Army, an up and coming sculptor with a new set of 15mm figs. They were in the green stages then, preorder stages now. As you can see here, we're no longer in green territory, we've got figs, metal figs that will look great in the popular modern/near future genres. Hats off to Spacejacker who is also on the Armies Army kick and posting it up in his neck of the woods, get the word out!

It is official, Armies Army figs are now available for pre-orders. You get ten troopers per pack for a mere $5.50 USD (£3.50 GBP), plus shipping. This is why I love 15mm sci-fi, great looking minis, great prices. I haven't put brush to fig in a long time, too long. I think these guys will be just the inspiration I need to get cracking once again. Head over to Armies Army and get your pre-orders in.


  1. As I've just descended into 15mm modern again I'll go check them out....

  2. Brand new range fresh off the block in what's hopefully the first of many to come. These guys would be great in the modern realm. I'm hoping 15mm will be the dominant scale around these parts this year.