Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Day Late Old Stuff Day

Back before I started up LEGO Thursdays there was a short stint I did called "Mik's Moment of Zen". Basically I just dug into my phone photo archives and whipped up single-pic posts to share with you all the things I personally felt were pic-worthy throughout my day. Above is a picture one of my students drew for me when I was teaching second grade. They asked what they could draw for me and I had replied something along the lines of, "Something your teacher would think is cool!" Of course I got alien mecha rampaging through a city. Yeah, very cool indeed.

So I'm dusting off all of these Moment of Zen posts for Old Stuff Day. I liked was I was attempting with these, and not surprisingly this concept has re-surfaced, and is currently active in the form of my Instagram/Twitter posts. I'm obviously a day late with "Old Stuff Day", but better late than never, I'll be on time next year. With a reminder.

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