Saturday, March 31, 2012

Twelve Hour Gunship Countdown

The title says it all, you've got a twelve hour launch window until the Gunship: First Strike!, err, Gunship launches! There's all kinds of levels to this Kickstarter project to crank out a sweet, spaceship battles boardgame, including the big enchilada in which the creator will drive six copies of the game to you and your buddies as well as pitch in for the pizza. Or, for just forty bucks you can get everything originally intended for the base game, plus the following:

The core game:

  • Large, sturdy Box with Plastic Storage Liner
  • 2 Gunship Boards (blue and red)
  • 4 Gunship Wings (blue and red)
  • 2 Fighter Squadron Boards (blue and red)
  • 2 Assault Carrier Boards (blue and red)
  • 118 Cards
  • 3 Standard Black Dice (2 12-sided, 1 8-sided)
  • Full-Color Rulebook
  • 24 Fighter Tokens

UNLOCKED - 4-Player Version PLUS Bonus Carriers!

  • 2 Gunship Boards (green and white)
  • 4 Gunship Wings (green and white)
  • 2 Fighter Squadron Boards (green and white)
  • 2 Assault Carrier Boards (green and white)
  • 38 Cards
  • 24 Fighter Tokens
  • 12 Carrier Armor Tokens
  • 2 12-sided Dice

UNLOCKED - Upgrade Cards for all 4 players!

  • 52 Upgrade Cards

UNLOCKED - Set of 4 Custom Engraved Battle Dice!

  • 4 Custom Dice w/ Engraved Combat Symbols

UNLOCKED - X-perimental Weapon Cards!

  • 4 Autoblaster Cannon Cards
  • 4 Weapons Generator Cards
  • 4 Ion Bomb Cards
  • 4 Defense Turret Cards
  • 4 Homing Missile Cards
  • 4 Heavy Ion Cannon Cards

UNLOCKED - Fighter Upgrade!

  • 4 Fighter Reserves Cards

UNLOCKED - Punchboard Unit Tokens w/ Accessories!

  • 4 double-sided Gunship Tokens (1 in each color) Ionized Backs
  • 16 double-sided Fighter Tokens (4 in each color) Wreckage Backs
  • 4 Gunship Landing Pads

UNLOCKED - 2 BONUS Deck Cards!

  • Die Roll Modifier (Title and Artwork TBA)
  • Die Result Modifier (Title and Artwork TBA)
Yup, all of those "unlocked" bonuses are now included with the original forty bucks. I know I don't normally go "whole hog" with promoting projects like this unless I'm bought in as well. Having played the game, it's solid. Being produced and created by a "garage gamer" like us, great. The creator being an old gaming buddy of one of my best friends, even better. There's everything to like about this one, unless you don't like spaceship battle boardgames of course.


  1. Resistance is futile, I'm a SENIOR GUNSHIP CREWMAN now!

    1. Senior? You outrank me by quite a bit! I'll keep your ship fueled up and your coffee hot.