Sunday, April 8, 2012

Garden Post-Apocalypse

These were the tomato beds!

The History Channel had a show, Life After People, that I loved. Well I've got my own little microcosm in the backyard, but mine is Garden After People. Twice in one week I reference my tennis injury, which happened in late summer.

Well I was crutches for a little while and this monstrous moon-boot after that. Needless to say making treks to the garden after that pretty much stopped and all of that post-growing season maintenance never took place. Hence this wreck.

My pepper beds now sport huge weeds and even a maple tree!

Obligatory dog pic in what were the HabaƱero plants

The upper beds

Sprouts gone wild

Whoa. Have you ever seen broccoli do this?

So my time very soon will be spent down in garden doing way more prep work than need be. Pulling weeds, turning the dirt, adding new dirt, and I'm thinking of adding a new bed too. I know what I won't be planting, and that's the mega-mutant squash! Seriously, that stuff took over and there was no letting up. Maybe that's why it's banned on the import list!


  1. You couldnt get me to garden if my life depended on it, which is why i will probably die in the apocalypse.

    1. You could crash in my garage. We'll have plenty of 'maters, peppers, and cucumbers.

      Oh, and lots of gaming.

  2. Replies
    1. I learned my lesson there!

  3. The last place, but definitely not the least in this list, is inside your home. Search your cupboard and teach your child some simple baking lessons.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Helena and welcome to Mik's Minis!

  4. I think the problem is not whether the world will end or not, the question is whether we are prepared for events yet to come, take this into account to be ready

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