Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hammer of Heaven

In advance of Friday's premiere of the much anticipated Avengers movie, The Sword have announced the release of "Hammer Of Heaven," an early track dating back to 2003 that was not included on Age Of Winters, which the band submitted for inclusion on the Avengers soundtrack album. -Press Release
Having only just discovered The Sword over the last five years or so they have quickly moved into my top ten all-time favorite bands. I reverently guard my vaunted top ten list so that's saying something.

So there's a newly released track, it's good, I like it quite a bit, and it's nice to hear something more akin to their heavier beginnings. Plus, the subject matter is just, ahem, godly. Enjoy!


  1. Not a band I was familiar with I'll admit!

    1. I like them very much and the lyrics never disappoint. They fit in that "Doom Metal" niche somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal. Their third album, Warp Riders, is by far the most widely accessible.