Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Round One of Tennis Ends

This tennis "round" is over. It was just a short, five-week singles league, but it saw me playing alternates and subs more than regular opponents of roughly my same skill factor. Chalk it all up to "match experience" but it would've been nice to win at least one match!

My closest match was tonight, err, last night as you read this. I lost, obviously, but the score was 7-5, 6-3 which is something I can hold my head high about. Over the last four weeks I've had an even split of two really hard fought and close matches, and two not so much. There's many take-aways for me however; I'm having fun, I'm getting much needed exercise, and I'm improving every time. There might be nothing but "L's" in the win/loss column but I'm making my opponents earn their victories one game at a time.

I'm naturally competitive, so this has been fun from that aspect, it's a highly ritualized duel out there. But it's also humbling to start over from ground zero from a skill perspective. When I think about it, it's been about twenty years since I last did any kind of routine exercise/sport as well, so that's extremely humbling. This league may be over, but sign-ups are already posted for the next one...which starts next week!

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