Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Night Miller 003 ~ Minifigure Musings

Hey everybody! Monday Night Miller time again and this week I'll be showing you some  more of my minifigure concept work. Usually when I set to work on a project I will already have an idea in mind but with these guys I like to sit and let the ideas come to me. I'll thumbnail a bunch of characters and then develop the ones I'm really keen on. I like to get the details of existing pieces as close as I possibly can so I'll drag out a good chunk of my minifig collection to have some in-hand references and some impromptu play time... when I'm done there will be random pieces and parts laying about, its a massacre! Its also a ton of fun and after all is said and done; little sessions with these bits of plastic aid in keeping my creativity flowing and I like to think it also helps rationalize my obsession with collecting the mini-brick builders... 

(build-a-mini-figure, get it?)

~ Enjoy


  1. Awesome stuff, lego minifigs are brilliant.

  2. I used to draw LEGO minis, I'm now throwing in the towel.

    Love the octo-mer-queen, and frog-boy is too funny and would make a legitimate collectible fig.