Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Night Miller 004 ~ Collaborative Ventures

Hey everybody! Monday Night Miller here with another weekly dose of artwork. This time I've dusted off an old flash drive to show you some character concepts I had worked on with a college buddy. The project had been intended to be pitched as a cartoon show but it never got off the ground. I remember it had a cast of a bunch of zany characters, magical powers, and a heavy good vs evil element. Who knows? Maybe it'll be an actual show someday. Anyways, take a gander at these...

Team Work!

~ Enjoy


  1. They're quite good, a certain manga look to them!

  2. Gah, sensory overload, it's impossible to narrow down a single favorite. I do like the two 'big guys', especially the wood/vine guy. I also like the white Bengal baby troll, he reminds me of Nik.