Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunday Rucht Hour: The Warmachines

Some time back, I bought the Skullvane Manse: the Lair of the Astromancer from Games Workshop. It's made a nice addition to  the table top for a variety of reasons. I was able to use it as a backdrop piece for our Pathfinder game. However, it's seen the most use in Warmachine. The Astromancer's Tower is a gorgeous piece of scenery. I need to probably do a write-up on it by itself. But this is more of quick and dirty battle-report.

So recently, we played a three-way game and used the old 40k terrain as a way to separate the three factions on the table. The white counter in the middle of the field is an objective that must be picked up by a Warjack, solo, or warcaster. In this battle, it was Cryx vs. Cryx vs. Khador. 

Casey (playing Khador) actually had some snipers climb the tower and fire down upon us. I know that these figs are commandos - he made them Winter Guard by proxy. The strategy was sound - he got to fire down on us from on high.

In the end, however, I was able to win the scenario. The large wraith engine that I've displayed here was key to my victory. The wraith engine floated up front, shut down my opponents' charge lanes and essentially blocked off the objective with its massive girth. Because it was incorporeal, and no one had a cure for it, it just became a massive obstacle. This allowed my warcaster to sneak up, grab the objective and make off with it.

Yeah, that sucker's big! 


  1. Great little AAR. Not something I've started is Warmachie. I do really admire the gorgeous figures though!

  2. I am a complete and total Warmachine fanatic. It really scratches that particular itch in terms of miniatures gaming.

  3. I absolutely love that Astromancer tower, that's amazing. As for the battle, looks great and seems like it was a lot of fun. I do miss WM/Hordes. However, there sure is a lot of unpainted metal on the table!

  4. I only just started playing warmachine, just plowed £200+ into menoth! Loving the game!

    1. It really is a great game. We played it almost exclusively back in the day, pre-blog days unfortunately, but we had a lot of fun with it. Hopefully Rucht will keep the WM train rolling here for us.