Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Assembling the Kraken

Well, here she is!

What I've done with the model is to prop one of its legs up so that it appears to be stepping up on a rock outcropping. On the rocks, I'm going to use the same dead and dying figures that I got from a historicals site that I used for my Wraith Engine. The Kraken eats bodies (the rules say that it collects corpse tokens), so the dead men are supposed to suggest this garish ability.

It's not shown here, but eventually, the Kraken will eventually have a dangling a figure from one of its claws. Speaking of its claws, that's probably my favorite feature of the model. It's arms are really, really long and stretch off of its base in a real menacing way.

It's reaching out for you! 

Here's an upclose shot of the dead figures on the rock. They aren't glued to it, yet. 

Here's a rear shot. Note all of the steam valves! 

One of the remarkable things about the model is the Kraken's long arms.


  1. That is very deserving of its name!

  2. Whew...this is on e menacing metal monster!!