Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Night Miller 014 ~ Revisits Colored

Hey Everybody! Monday Night Miller time! Tonight I have a simple offering, a glimpse into how I work. The first image presented shows some color tests (of Doug from last week's post). I'll usually use this process if I'm having difficulty figuring out skin tones and each character's color wheel. When I originally concieved Doug as a character I pictured him more goblinesque with a green pallette as shown by one of the samples. However seeing as he is an imp from Hell I figured I should use warmer tones. In the end I chose a gradient of yellow-to-red (the larger sample) as this one in particular really warmed up to me; pun intended.
This second image is also of Doug showing a transition of the different stages in which I work. I start with a sketch, the clean line drawing, then I'll add the shadows and highlights, and finally I simply block out the colors. Bob's your uncle.


~ Enjoy

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