Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shelf Life: Prologue

When I first planted my flag in the fresh soul of a new game room I knew I needed shelves. Shelves I did have, with the carpenteering knowledge of my buddies we built two closets worth.

They were somewhat crude given their homemade nature and when the storm hit last year and caused us to redo the downstairs, well the old shelves were caught up in the makeover whirlwind.

These are your basic rack-and-bracket shelves with laminated white particle board. They look great, blend well, and this batch is wholly situated above the painting desk. I've got more on the way with he fun part; what's now ON these shelves. There's a sneak pic of that below.


  1. Cool! I need some better display options- need to move to a bigger place

    1. I'm no carpenter or handyman or whatever, but even I was able to put these up. They'd be perfect for all your action figures. I mounted the vertical strip brackets to the drywall using 'hurricane bolts', the rest was dead simple, just snap in brackets and then shelves. For display, it's the way to go. Fairly inexpensive too.