Thursday, September 12, 2013

Forces of Battlesworn: The Bandits

Our last Battlesworn army is upon us, and this merry band of Bandits is almost a completely vintage collection of old Forestmen to boot.  These Bandits harangue the King's Highway at every opportunity, to the point where I believe some Knights may need to be dispatched.  Of course, this band would also complement the very same Knights force in an extra large game acting as Royal Rangers.  I do like this particular sample army, lots of troops, a good variety of slot types, and plenty of effectiveness.

Practice makes perfect; here the veteran archer looks on while the newer recruits shoot their bows.  Having four shooters in a warband is quite the boon too, especially figuring in all of the opportunity fire reactions and sheer ranged attack goodness they bring.

The Bandits' four compulsory fighters; the three fighters look on impassively while their all-too-charismatic squad leader laughs at another one of his own jokes.

What do they fight for?  Is it coin, is it their own code of honor?  Is it just the chance to best someone in a duel?  Who knows, but one thing's for sure, the Bandits are glad to have these four 'rogues' on their side!  Rogues are a new troop type we're seeing from Battlesworn in these lists and their strength is that they are harder to hit with ranged attacks and in melee they get bonuses to hit depending on how many other [edit: friendly models] are joining them in that combat.  

So I'm thinking I've got at least one more list up my sleeve, I haven't made them yet but I'm pretty sure I have the makings for them so we may see a bonus Battlesworn list before too long.  Plus, if I can get Biscuit Miller's cool demon army he used the other night, that'd make for even more bonus armies.  Until then (and oh yeah, I've got maybe a batrep or two for you as well) enjoy!


  1. "in melee they get bonuses to hit depending on how many other rogues are joining them in that combat."

    Actually they just get a bonus dice for any friendly figure in contact, not just other Rogues. In our last game Frodo was acting the Rogue, teamed up with Brute/Tank Aragorn, and finishing off anyone he didn't kill outright :)

    1. Yup, fixed it, with that huge distinction it makes them much better than I had originally thought. LotR-based games would be excellent with these rules, I may have to try those myself.

  2. Rogues-works well with others.

    Don't know if that feels quite right.

    1. Heh, no, not at all!

      Does simulate a solid flanking bonus though!