Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Forces of Battlesworn: The Orcs

Last time we saw the Knights of Battlesworn, today we see an army that could easily be their nemesis; the Orcs.  Again, I'm using the sample forces from the rulebook as is, so on to the Orcs!

Every good Orc warband needs a leader, and who better to lead than the fairly recent Cyclops fig from the Lego collectible series.  In the case here, our one-eyed Orc is a warlord which combines both the 'leader' and the 'brute' classes together, appropriate for him.  The cloaked figure on the right is the warlord's advisor and shaman to the tribe (using the 'warmage' slot).  Warmages in Battlesworn are as capable as fighters, but also get the use of a single spell for the game.

This warband features a pair of archers for good measure, also known as 'shooters' in the rulebook.  Here the veteran archer coaches the newer archer on form and aiming.  They fight as good as fighters but have the obvious benefit of calling on a ranged attack to boot.  

These three Orcs are 'brute' slots.  The sample army defined these particular brutes as 'heavy weapons' but I decided to make them more like dual-wielding beserkers.  Brutes hit more often, therefore deal more damage be it from large, two-handed weapons or the option I went with here.  I like the mix here too, the fig on the left could be one of their northern mountain cousins, and the fig on the right could be from the feral southern jungles.  Of course the Orc in the middle is just an angry beserker Orc.

As I mentioned last time with the Knights, every force in Battlesworn has four compulsory 'fighter' slots, and here's that very backbone of the Orc warband.  This Orc veteran runs his troops through an equipment inspection the evening before the battle.  Again, sergeants and veterans are all just flavor text I like to do to give the army a little extra dash of neatness.  

We're almost done with the initial three armies I whipped up in my rules-reading frenzy.  Only one force to go, and up next will be the Bandits list.  Of course, "bandits" could be anything really so you'll have to stay tuned to see the Mik's Minis interpretation, mwahaha.  Until then!


  1. An Orc should not have Sting. Any rules for something like a Wolf rider?

    1. Definitely rules for wolf riders, they just get the 'hybrid' class feature. A wolf rider archer = cavalry/shooter, a worg mounted boss would be something like a cavalry/brute or cavalry/tank.

      As for Sting, all those treasure drops have to come from somewhere!

  2. A one-eyed orc leader is appropriate. He obviously carries the mark of Grumsh, the one-eyed orc god in Ad&D :)

    1. Heh, I forgot all about that one, yeah that works perfectly!